Do you want more insights into your business?
Conagra Foodservice developed this tool — Growth Machine — to do just that. Growth Machine asks you a few brief questions about your challenges and needs as an operator, then provides you with consumer data specific to your responses to help you understand what may work best for your business, with your patrons.

What is Growth Machine?

Growth Machine helps you understand the needs, preferences, and demands of your patrons.

Conagra surveyed nearly 7,500 consumers across America to create a comprehensive understanding of their restaurant behavior.

Tell us about your goals, and Growth Machine will provide you with personalized insights to supercharge your business.

What are your
top menu goals?
What are your top TWO menu development areas?
Which Marketing areas
do you want to pursue?
Pick the TWO areas that interest you most.
What are your
Top Challenges?
Pick the TWO areas you most want to solve.
Thanks for letting us get to know you.
We're running millions of calculations to build your roadmap for success.
Over 7,500 consumers told us what they want, and we're customizing that feedback for you. Give us just a few seconds...
How it works
What is Growth Machine?
First, we'll ask you to tell us about what occasions are most important to your operation.
We'll ask you about menu trends that interest you the most.
Then, we'll ask you about how you're most interested in marketing your operation.
Finally, we'll ask about some of your key challenges as an operator.
Based on your responses, we'll provide you with consumer insights and menu ideas specific to your issues, interests and challenges. All of this is free for you to use as often as you'd like because Conagra understands how important knowledge can be in today's competitive marketplace.